Recent Books

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Recent Chapters in Books

Elliott, J (1996) ‘Curriculum Study’ in A Guide to Educational Research (ed) P. Gordon, The Woburn Press: London.

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Elliott, J (2013) ‘The Spiritual Dimension in Teaching: A View of Educational Action Research’, in Value & Virtue in Practice-Based Research edited by Jean McNiff, September Books. Available as a free download until September 2013.

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Elliott, J. (forthcoming 2016) Teaching for historical understanding: some thematic continuities with the work of Lawrence Stenhouse. Reflections on chapters by Rachel Foster, Rob Somers and Paula Worth in MasterClass in History Education : Transforming Teaching and Learning . Counsell, C., Burn, K. & Chapman, A. (eds.). London: Bloomsbury Books, Chapter 10


Recent Official Evaluation Reports

Elliott, J & Yu, C (2008) “Learning Studies as an Educational Change Strategy in Hong Kong: an independent evaluation of the ‘Variation for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning’(VITAL) Project”, funded by the Dept for Education and Manpower, Hong Kong. Published by the Centre for Learning Studies, HK Inst Educ.

Elliott, J (2001-4) “Progressive and Innovatory Primary Schools” (PIPS) programme of School-based Lesson Studies, funded by the Quality Education Fund (QEF) of Hong Kong. Published by the Nebter for Learning Studies, HK Inst of Educ.

Recent Articles in Refereed Journals include:

Elliott, J, (1997) ‘Quality assurance, the educational standards debate, and the commodification of educational research’ in The Curriculum Journal, Vol 8, No 1.

Elliott, J and Ebbutt, D, (1998) ‘Practice-based Inquiry in the BETD In-service Programme – some key issues’ in Educational Action Research Vol 6, No 2.

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Elliott, J. (2002) ‘The Impact of Intensive ‘Value for Money’ Performance Auditing in Educational Systems’ in Educational Action Research, Vol 10, No 3

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Elliott, J (2012) Developing a science of teaching through lesson study, International Journal of Lesson and Learning Studies, vol.1. no.2.

Elliott, J and Yu, C (2013) Learning Studies in Hong Kong Schools: A Summary Evaluation Report on ‘The Variation for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning’ (VITAL) Project, Education and Didactique. Vol. 7 No.2

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Elliott, J. (2015) Towards a comprehensive pedagogical theory to inform lesson study: an editorial review in International Journal for Lesson and Learning Studies, 4, 4, p. 318 – 327

Guest Editor of Special Editions

Elliott, J and Zamorski, B, (2002) (eds)  Pedagogy, Culture and Society.  Special Edition on Pupil Disaffection.

Elliott, J (2004) (ed) Research Papers in Education Policy and Practice, Vol 19, No 1.  Special Issue Making teachers more accountable:  case studies of the modernization process in six countries.

Journal Editorships

Chief Editor, International Journal of Lesson and Learning Studies (2011-).

International Editorial Board of Teaching and Teacher Education, an International Journal of Research Studies (until 2008).

Editorial Board of Research Papers in Education (until 2008).

Editorial Board of The Curriculum Journal.

Adviser to the Editorial Board of Investigacion en la Escuela

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